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Second Edition

Second edition errata

Chapter 8.

  • Solution 8.5 is lacking the answer to the fourth item in Exercise 8.5.
    The missing answer is as follows:
    A robot carries out part of a surgical procedure, in this way replacing an activity that was previously completely carried out by a surgeon.”: Above all, this can lead to an improvement in quality, as the robot is likely to be more accurate and consistent in its interventions. Costs are likely to be higher, at least in the short term, due to the high costs of development and maintenance of such surgical robots. The time of the surgery might be reduced.

Chapter 11

  • Page 455, Figure 11.20: In the third process model (from the top), just before the AND-split gateway, it is written c=11 and p=0, but it should be c=1 and p=1.
  • Page 470, Exercise 11.20 “Consider the following event log…” In this sentence, the “following event log” refers to the event log shown in the table in the next page (page 471).


First Edition

The errata for the first edition of our book can be downloaded here.