A short introductory MOOC, “Business Process Management: An Introduction to Process Thinking“, is offered by Queensland University of Technology for free, via the FutureLearn platform. The next delivery starts on 24 July and lasts 3 weeks.

A comprehensive MOOC on the “Fundamentals of Business Process Management”, covering all the chapters from the textbook, is offered by Queensland University of Technology via the EdCast platform. This is the first full-lifecycle MOOC in the field of Business Process Management. This free online program is structured in three parts of the duration of four weeks each, followed by a verified exam with certificate of achievement:

The next delivery of this MOOC is planned for fall 2017. The dates will be announced soon.

If you are interested in delivering the 3-part MOOC as a SPOC (Small Private Online Course) in your organization, or use it in a flipped-classroom approach in your university, contact us at