Video lectures using the standard slide deck of the book are available on youtube. Furthermore, several lecture recordings are available here:

Chapter 1: Introduction to BPM
Chapter 2: Process Identification
  • Slides & Video (Tartu version)
  • Slides (TU/e version)
  • Slides & Video (QUT version)
  • Slides (alternative QUT version: process identification – horizontal)
  • Slides (alternative QUT version: process identification – vertical)
Chapter 3: Essential Process Modeling
  • Slides & Video (Tartu version)
  • Slides (QUT version: basic process modelling)
  • Slides (QUT version: routing constructs, components of a modeling language, model quality)
  • Slides (QUT version: artifacts and resources)
Chapter 4: Advanced Process Modeling
Chapter 5: Process Discovery
Chapter 6: Qualitative Process Analysis
Chapter 7: Quantitative Process Analysis
Chapter 8: Process Redesign
  • Slides & Video (Part 1, Tartu version: transformational process redesign)
  • Slides & Video (Part 2, Tartu version, incremental process redesign)
  • Slides & Video (Eindhoven version)
Chapter 9: Process Automation
Chapter 10: Process Intelligence